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Acorn Town Forest Map:

The Acorn Town Forest features 3 miles of trails on 99 acres and is situated between Acorn Drive, Ball Road, Rockrimmon Road and the Rockrimmon State Forest. There is a small parking lot off the circle at the end of Acorn Drive. The trails are accessed from the parking lot. 

The main Red Trail loops through the forest on old logging roads with new sections on single track paths. Two short Blue Trail segments offer interesting alternatives to the Red trail.  The 0.6mi Orange Trail is accessed from a gravel road on private property (see map) and leads to the junction of Rockrimmon Road and Elkins Road.  

Additional trails on the Noyes and Ahl properties can be accessed from Elkins Road and lead to North Road where the Tucker & French Family Forest can be accessed.  At about halfway, the Orange Trail leaves the Acorn Town Forest and passes through private conservation easement before reaching a metal gate.  Please stay on the trail and respect private property.

Ahl Property and Noyes Easement Map:

The Ahl Property is owned by the Southeast Land Trust (SELT).  The Noyes Easement is a town conservation easement on private property. Please stay on the trail and respect private property. The 0.9mi Blue Trail runs from Elkins Road to North Road and offers a connection from the Tucker & French Family Forest to the Acorn Town Forest.  Please note that the blue markers are diamonds on the Noyes portion and circles on the Ahl portion. A short 0.1mi Yellow Trail connects White Drive to the Blue Trail.

Frye Town Forest Map:

The Frye Town Forest is an 82-acre property located along Colby Brook. It is accessed via the Class VI section of Frye Road. The closest drivable access to the trail entrance is from the Johnson Road end of Frye Road.  Limited parking is available where Frye Road changes from paved to unpaved.  The town forest entrance is on the right approximately 0.2mi along the unpaved portion of Frye Road.

Just past the Frye farm cellar hole, a metal gate is located at the entrance to the trails.  The 0.6mi double track Blue Trail offers views of Colby Brook and two beaver dams.  The far section of the trail traverses a very wet area, but the many bridges will keep your feet dry.  The 0.5mi single track Red Trail takes a higher line through the forest.  The 0.2mi White Trail leaves the Red Trail and rejoins the other trails at their endpoint where the Hunt tire dump used to be located.  A sign explains the history of the tire dump and major fire that occurred there.

Sargent/ ET's Landing Map

The Sargent Management Area and ET’s Landing are two adjoining conservation properties totaling 172 acres.  ET’s Landing features excellent views along the Powwow River with several benches to relax on.  ET’s is accessed via an unmarked trail through the Sargent Management Area to the main lookout area (about 1 mile).  Parking for the trail is in a small lot at the end of Sargent Road past John’s Auto Salvage.  The trails are accessed from the parking lot. The trail follows an old roadway to the edge of a field and then to the powerlines.  Walk north under the powerlines for about 0.1 miles and then left up a sandy hill back into the woods.  From here it is just under 0.5 miles following the woods road to the edge of the river where you will find a large stone marker designating the site as ET’s Landing.  Please have a copy of the map with you since the trail is unmarked.

Valley Lane Map

The Valley Lane Town Forest has three trails on 102 acres and is situated at the end of Valley Lane on the southern side of Hunt Road.  There is a large parking lot at the entrance to the trails.

An information kiosk is located at the entrance to the trails. Two loop trails offer many short hills and turns on single track paths.  A small waterfall and pool can be found on the 1.5mi Red Trail at the site of the Brian Quinlan memorial bridge.  The 1.1mi Blue Loop is located inside the Red Loop and shares a portion of the Red Trail. The 0.2mi Orange Trail leads from these loops to a large old cellar hole.

West Kingston Town Forest Map:

The West Kingston Town Forest (WKTF) has two trails on 66 acres and is situated at the Danville end of Rockrimmon Road, just north of the Rockrimmon State Forest.  There is a small parking lot at the end of Rockrimmon Road.

The trails are accessed from a gated entrance on the North side of Rockrimmon Road approximately 700 ft from the end of the road.  The 0.5mi Red Trail starts as a logging road and ends as single track with a turn-around loop. The 0.3mi White Trail is all single track, starts part way along the Red Trail and rejoins the Red Trail where it turns to single track.

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