Help Wanted: Health Officer

Part Time

The Town of Kingston is seeking a part-time Health Officer.  This position requires thorough knowledge of State and Town public health laws, rules and regulations. Thorough knowledge of the principles of environmental sanitation, inspection procedures and enforcement procedures in connection with environmental health violations is also necessary.   

Examples of essential duties (not meant to be all-inclusive): 

  • Reviews and approves septic system designs prior to submission to NHDES.
  • Inspects test pits and installation of septic systems at bed bottom prior to back fill to ensure that the system has been installed according to approved design.
  • Reviews and approves sites for placement of wells.
  • Makes sanitary investigations as may be directed by Board of Health.
  • Reviews demolition permits to ensure compliance with asbestos laws.
  • Performs inspections of dwellings to determine fitness for human habitation.

Minimum Qualifications:  Bachelors of Science Degree, OR any equivalent combination of education and experience.   Driver’s license required.  Applicants may apply to the Kingston Board of Selectmen using forms provided on the Town website at:  The Town of Kingston is an Equal Opportunity employer.  Closing date for applications will be May 4, 2018.