2018 Kingston Tax Maps

The Tax Maps linked below are for assessment purposes only. Although they depict the town's properties as accurately as possible, lot boundaries may or may not be based on actual survey work done. You can determine the particular map you need by referring to the listings of properties by Owner Name or by Address. Those listings are located on the Assessing Department page of this website. Please call (603) 642-3342, ext. 3 if you have questions or require assistance.

R-1          R-22         U-1          Cover Sheet
R-2          R-23         U-2          Index Map
R-3          R-24         U-3          Overall Map
R-4          R-25         U-4
R-5          R-26         U-5
R-6          R-27         U-6
R-7          R-28         U-7
R-8          R-29         U-8
R-9          R-30         U-9
R-10        R-31         U-10
R-11        R-32         U-11
R-12        R-33         U-12
R-13        R-34
R-14        R-35
R-15        R-36
R-16        R-37
R-17        R-38
R-18        R-39
R-19        R-40
R-20        R-41
R-21        R-42