Ordinances, Rules & Regulations

Disclaimer: In April, 2009, the Town of Kingston completed its recodification of the Ordinance Book. Any errors or omissions that may have occurred during this process in no way implies any unauthorized changes in existing rules, regulations and ordinances that were previously legally adopted.


 Table of ContentsI
Article P-IPurposes and AuthorityP1-1
Article P-IIDefinitionsP2-1
Article P-IIIAmendmentsP3-1

Title I: Ordinances

Section 100: Zoning Districts

Article 101Establishment of Districts101-1
Article 102Historic District102-1
Article 103Single Family Residential District103-1
Article 104Rural Residential District104-1
Article 105Single Family Residential- Agricultural District105-1
Article 106District for Age Restricted Housing106-1
Article 107Industrial Zone107-1
Article 108Commercial Zone C-I108-1
Article 109Commercial Zone C-II109-1
Article 110Commercial Zone C-III110-1

Section 200: Zoning District Overlays

Article 201Aquifer Protection Ordinance201-1
Article 202Wetlands Conservation District202-1
Article 203Flood Plain Development Ordinance203-1
Article 204Innovative Zoning204-1
Article 205Shoreland Protective Ordinance205-1
Article 206Accessory Dwelling Unit Ordinance206-1
Article 207Residential Home Occupation Ordinance207-1
Article 208Age-Restricted Housing208-1
Article 209
Attach A
Groundwater Management District
Map of Grndwtr Mngmnt Dist
209 (a)

Section 300: Building

Article 301Buildings and Building Lots301-1
Article 302Outdoor Lighting302-1
Article 303Signs303-1
Article 304Industrial Developments304-1
Article 305Swimming Pool Fence Ordinance305-1

Section 400: Town Standards

Article 401Alcoholic Beverage Ordinance401-1
Article 402Campground Ordinance402-1
Article 403Kingston Excavation Ordinance403-1
Article 404Hawkers and Peddlers Ordinance404-1
Article 405Impact Fee Ordinance405-1
Article 406Landfill Ordinance406-1
Article 407Noise Standards407-1
Article 408Any Loud, Unusual or Other Unnecessary Noise Ordinance408-1
Article 409Sewage, Sludge and Residential Septage Application Ordinance409-1
Article 410Telecommunication Facility Ordinance410-1
Article 411Town Dog Ordinance411-1
Article 412Special Plates for Former Prisoners of War412-1
Article 413Inter-community Police Assistance413-1
Article 414Public Land Acquisition414-1
Article 415Small Wind Energy Systems415-1

Title II: Administration Of Town Government

Section 500: Committees

Article 501Solid Waste Management Planning Committee501-1
Article 502Solid Waste Implementation District502-1
Article 503Regional Disposal Planning Committee503-1
Article 504Regional Refuse Recycling Planning Committee504-1
Article 505Kingston Historical Museum505-1
Article 506Historical Recording Committee506-1

Section 600: Exemptions

Article 601Solar Energy Property Tax Exemption601-1
Article 602Windpowered Energy Property Tax Exemption602-1
Article 603Disability Exemption603-1
Article 604Blind Exemption604-1
Article 605Elderly Exemption605-1

Section 700: Town Services

Article 701Building Inspector701-1
Article 702False Alarms702-1

Section 800: Town Requirements

Article 801Installation of Wells and Septic Systems801-1

Title III: Rules And Regulations

Section 900: Planning Board

Article 901Driveway Permit Regulations901-1
Article 902Excavation Regulations902-1
Article 903Pits903-1
Article 904Site Plan Review Regulations904-1
Article 905Subdivision Regulations905-1
Article 906Sedimentation/Erosion Control Regulations906-1
Article 907Performance and Maintenance Guarantee Procedures907-1
Article 908Storm Water Management908-1

Section 1000: Board of Selectmen

Article 1001Business Reporting Requirements1001-1
Article 1002Inspection Fees1002-1
Article 1003Mailbox Regulations1003-1
Article 1004"No Thru Trucking"1004-1
Article 1005Parking Regulations1005-1
Article 1006Police Detail1006-1
Article 1007Secondhand Dealers and Pawnbrokers1007-1

Article 1008



Article 1009


Article 1010

Fire Protection Regulations


Snow Deposit Regulation


Ban on Trapping on Town Owner Properties





Section 1100: Cemetery

Article 1101Cemetery By-Laws1101-1

Section 1200: Historic District Commission

Article 1201Regulations Governing the Administration of the Districts1201-1
Article 1202Rules of Procedure1202-1

Section 1300: Board of Health

Article 1301Subsurface Disposal Systems Rules and Regulations1301-1
Article 1302Solid Waste and Littering1302-1
Article 1303Vector Control1303-1
Article 1304Well Protection and Placement1304-1
Article 1305Rules for the Sanitary Production and Distribution of Food1305-1
Article 1306Tattoo By-Law1306-1
Article 1307Control and Feeding of Aquatic Birds1307-1

Section 1400: Zoning Board of Adjustment

Article 1401Membership and Authority1401-1


AddendumEnforcement and AdministrationA1-1
AddendumTable of Contents IndexA2-1