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***PLEASE BE ADVISED, WHEN REQUESTING CAR REGISTRATION ONLINE ALLOW 2 DAYS FOR MAIL DELIVERY. KINGSTON'S MAIL IS TRANSPORTED TO MANCHESTER, THEN SORTED, AND DELIVERED BACK TO KINGSTON TO BE DISTRIBUTED. Also the request online is a request; your car is not registered until we complete the registration in the office and you receive the registration in the mail, and place decal on license plate.

*Dogs license tags for the 2017 year are available*


New Residents:

When moving into Town you must come down to the Town Hall, 163 Main Street and fill out Residency Form.

Along with the Residency Form you must have:

  • If you purchased a home, a Comcast bill, Unitil bill, or a Mortgage agreement in you name.
  • If you are renting you will need a Lease Agreement, or an authorization form signed by the owner of the property approving you living at that address. 

These things need to be complete before we can register any vehicles for you.

If you have any question please call the Town Clerk's Office at 603-642-3112 Ext 2

Thank you and Welcome to Kingston, NH


NOTE: When transferring registration you MUST have your current ORIGINAL registration to surrender to the state. Give a copy to the dealer or the person buying your other car, do not give them your original registration when completing the sale.

When Renewing your registration, please add the two figures together to get the cost of the renewal, the State Fees and the Municipal Fees. The bottom number is only the Town Fee.

When you have a title for a new car registration all parties that are listed as buyers on the title need to be present to complete the title application. If you have a prepared title application from a dealer then all parties do not have to be present to complete the registration.

When renewing your registration, you may have another person complete it for you, they must have a copy of your registration and their driver's licenses, or photo ID.

If you need Temp Plates, you will have to complete that transaction at a Sub-station (Epping or Salem), or Concord because the Towns are not issued Temps plates.


OHRV and Snowmobile Registrations:

OHRV and Snowmobile Registrations are available at the Town Clerk's Office. Registrants must be 18 years of age or older. Present a VALID driver license or state issued non-driver license photo identification. Must hold a New Hampshire license or ID to receive resident rates. Click here to check the NH Fish and Game website for more information.

Hunting License Requirements:

Present an old license or a copy of your Education Program Certificate Card (orange). FID cards are not proof of hunter education. Please click here to check with the Fish and Game website for rules and regulations.

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Melissa Beal Town Clerk / Tax Collector (603) 642-3112 ext. 2
Holly Ouellette Deputy Town Clerk
Gail Ramsey Office Clerk