Assessing records for the Town of Kingston are maintained in the Selectmen's Office. It is to this office that questions, requests for information, copies of records, etc. should be directed. Applications for exemptions or credits for which resident taxpayers may qualify should be submitted to this office during regular hours on Monday through Thursday from 9:00 until 4:00 and on Friday from 9:00 until Noon.

The Town of Kingston contracts with KRT Appraisals for cyclical updates of assessment information.  Joey Smith is the field assessor who will perform the ongoing work to keep all property information up to date.  Mr. Smith, pictured below, will be in town on Tuesdays (other days as needed to make up for holidays or bad weather), and may be asking to look at your property. He will carry identification and a letter from the Town; his car has an identifying magnet.  Assessor Joey Smith

Assessor George Lickiss will be available in the Town Hall on the third Wednesday of every month for appointments as needed. Residents who would like to meet with Mr. Lickiss should contact Assessing Clerk Tori Dobrowolski to make an appointment.  

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Susan Ayer Selectmen's Administrator (603) 642-3342 Ext. 1
Tori Dobrowolski Assessing & Permitting Clerk (603) 642-3342 Ext. 3

Board of Assessing Members

Name Title
Phillip Coombs Assessor
Donald W. Briggs, Jr. Assessor
Richard G Wilson Assessor