Planning Board

Proposed Zoning Amendments: Public Hearing January 18th - HERE

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Correspondence to be reviewed by the Planning Board must be received by the Thursday prior to the Board’s meeting date.

Planning Board office hours, subject to change, are Mondays and Tuesdays: Noon to 4:00 , Thursdays: 9:00 – 4:00. Fridays: 9:00 - Noon. 


Since adoption of the Kingston Zoning Ordinance in the 1960's, the citizens who serve on the Planning Board have administered the duly adopted land use regulations that voters have decided best protect their vision for Kingston's future. At times those ordinances and regulations are protective in nature; at times they have added to the aesthetic or historic nature of Kingston. Always, they reflect the wishes of the voters. The Planning Board also develops and maintains the town's Master Plan and Capital Improvements Plan.

In 1996, voters made Planning Board membership an elected office. Residents who have an interest in helping to form the vision of Kingston's future should attend some of the meetings and hearings of the Board to determine if membership might be an option for them.

Current Ordinances are on line (see the listing of documents to the left) and the Planning Board's Administrative Assistant is available during her regular office hours to assist with any questions.

NOTE: The Schedule of Impact Fees to be assessed against all new development. Click here to view.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ellen L. Faulconer Administrative Assistant (603) 642-3342

Board Members

Name Title
Glenn G. Coppelman Chairman
Lynne Merrill Vice Chair
Peter Coffin Member
Ellen L. Faulconer Alternate / Administrative Assistant
Peter Bakie Member
Christopher Bashaw Member
Robin Duguay Member
Steven Padfield Alternate
Richard Wilson Selectmen's Representative