Budget Committee

Kingston's 12-member elected Municipal Budget Committee was formed in 1986 following adoption of the Municipal Budget Act at the 1985 Town Meeting.

During Budget Season, running from November through January, the Committee meets to review department budgets, accept proposals for the ensuing year, and interview department heads concerning expenditures, revenues, budget plans, etc.

Public Hearings, both on the general budget and on proposed Special Warrant Articles, are held in January each year. Residents are encouraged to attend both the budget meetings and the public hearings to express their opinions, offer input, or just listen and become familiar with the process. The determining factor for the annual tax rate is the amount of money to be raised, so make your voice heard.

Committee Members

Name Title
Kim Donahue Member
Chuck Hart Chair
Annemarie Roth Member
Kevin P. St. James Selectmen's Representative
Rick Russman Member
James LaValley Member
John Pramberg Member
Heather Hanlon Member
Stanley Shalett Member
Gary Finerty Member
Marissa Federico Recording Secretary