Pollinator Pathways NH

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Pollinator Pathways connect pollinator species -- e.g., bees, butterflies, bats, moths -- with the habitat they need to survive. This natural habitat attracts more birds and other wildlife as well. 

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    Three ways you can support pollinators in your yard:

    • Stop mowing part of your lawn and create a natural meadow.
    • Plant native flowers which provide food for our native bees and other pollinators.
    • Avoid pesticides and other lawn chemicals that kill native insects.

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    Online Resources:

    1. Simple Ways to Help Pollinators
    2. "How To" Webinar on Planting Wildflower Meadows (Hint: Think Like a Bee)
    3. Pollinator Plants for Northern New England Gardens
    4. Plant Identification via Native Plant Trust's GoBotany
    5. What Cities Can Do to Help Birds and Bees Survive